D. Stafford & Associates

Frequently Asked Questions

The system says you have “bad credentials”—what should you do?

  1. Make sure you are typing your email and password correctly.

  2. When you set up your email and password, you were sent a LINK to activate your account. The first time you go into your account, you must use that link. After the first time, you can then access your account via the DSA website.

Details Section

You must fill out ALL categories under the Details section—the only exception is the phone number boxes, but we prefer that you complete them all if you have multiple telephone numbers.

Experience Section

The number of years in the bottom three boxes should equal the top box (which is the Total Years box).

Areas of Operation and Other Law Enforcement Experience

You must check at least one of these boxes and all that apply to the areas of operation you have been responsible for overseeing.

You should check any of the three areas of other Law Enforcement Experience that you have had but only check those that apply.

Position (Rank)

You must complete at least one of these boxes and the combined number of years in this section should equal the total years in law enforcement/public safety (the top box in the Experience Section).

College Campus Size

You do not have to complete any answers in this section, but if you worked in campus public safety/law enforcement, we ask that you pick all of the sizes of campuses that you worked for over the years.


You do not have to complete any answers in this section, if you don’t have any degrees. If you do complete this section, the “Year Completed” section should be the year (i.e. 1987) not the number of years it took to complete the degree.

Other Certificates

You do not have to complete any answers in this section, but if you do, we ask that you add the key certificates that would pertain to the current or future job(s) you are interested in applying for with DSA.

Executive Development Courses

You do not have to complete any answers in this section. You have attended one of the nationally recognized Executive Development Courses; please list that in this section (i.e. IACLEA, IACP, Southern Police Institute, etc.)

If you have served on the board of a professional association related to public safety or law enforcement—(i.e. IACLEA, IACP, or a State LE Association), please include that information.

Previous Experience

You must include previous experience for the past 15 years or the last 5 positions. This is a required field. There should be a blue box that says “Add Item” and you should click that box one time for each position you need to add to the system. When you click that button, there are 4 fields that you must complete for each position.

Positions of Interest

You must complete at least one position of interest and you must complete one of the three options for the “type of institution” you are interested in (public, private or both).

Areas of the Country

You must pick at least on region of the country and at least one State where you are interesting in working. We want you to pick all of the States that you are interested in, so we can notify you of specific opportunities that become available in those States where you have the most interested in working/living.

Resume and Cover Letter

You must submit a resume with the profile. The profile will not save if a resume has not been attached. We suggest that you submit a WORD document, if at all possible. That format seems to work best in the system. A PDF is also acceptable.