D. Stafford & Associates

Printable Instructions

When you add your profile information and resume to the D. Stafford & Associates (DSA) Candidate Application/Interest Portal, you must complete all required fields and as many of the optional fields as possible. The process takes 10-15 minutes to complete. This will allow us to search your profile and notify you of potential job opportunities that match your background and interests. For example, if you are interested in a Chief/Director position at a sworn/armed agency in New England, we can search the portal for that specific criteria. However, you must complete your profile correctly and thoroughly.

Individuals can submit their profile information and a resume for DSA to have on file to be considered and notified of future job opportunities. However, if there is a current search(es) open through our firm, there is an "Active Searches" field that you may complete to indicate you are making application for one or more of those open positions. If there are no positions listed in that field, then we are not currently running any active searches. In any case, we encourage you to fill out a profile to be notified through this Portal when a position is posted in the system.

When you are notified of a position and decide to apply for an open position, you simply log into the system with your login and password and complete the "Active Searches" field to indicate your interest by selecting the job you want to apply. DSA will be notified of your interest in the open position.

We typically advertise the details of an open position on the IACLEA job opportunities web page, so if you want detailed information about any of the open positions, check out the IACLEA site at www.iaclea.org.

You must record your login and password information for the Portal to allow you to make revisions to your profile information, update your resume, and/or notify us that you want to apply for an open position at your convenience.

Please make sure you attach your current resume to the profile. If you are applying for a specific position for which we are conducting a search, we encourage you to also complete a cover letter and attach it. All information submitted may be provided to the institution at some point during the search process.

Thanks for using our Candidate Application/Interest Portal and helping us to help you find your next job.